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emPOWER Program

The emPOWER Program at Project TopFloor is focused on furthering the professional development of teachers, administrators, parents, and students through technology in order to advance the learning process. For teachers, this includes professional development opportunities that aim at improving teaching methodologies and training in how to efficiently use technology in the classroom. Administrators may benefit from leadership training opportunities that assist in transforming and improving a variety of aspects of their school or educational organization. Parents may find value in seminars that enable them to better protect their children, understand and utilize technology in support of the educational experience of their children. And students themselves may benefit from the direct training of technology from field experts and professionals.

TechForward Program

The TechForward Program at Project TopFloor provides support in the application and implementation of Information Technology (IT) infrastructure of a school, thereby increasing its ability to utilize technology to further the educational experience. Improvements may occur in the areas of hardware, software, network capabilities, and security. In addition, the program supports the educator through online curricula, lesson planning, grading systems, and using technology to reduce overall costs to the school.



EdTech Assesment Program

Our focus is helping schools raise student achievement through appropriate implementation of technology into the student learning experience. The resources provided by Project TopFloor are experts in their field and will provide third party insight into the current effectiveness and utilization of technology by the school, as well as how the organization is meeting State laws and regulations regarding privacy and cybersecurity. The work is performed at no cost to schools by individuals that bring decades of industry knowledge in engineering and/ or executive-level IT experience. Our goal is to provide the advantages of an experienced expert in Information Technology to educational institutions that might not be capable of funding such a role internally. Our process leverages industry leading best practices around process execution, budgeting, operational efficiencies, and improving IT decision-making.


ConnectUP Program

The ConnectUP Program at Project TopFloor brings communities together to support and celebrate the educational experience. The program leverages technology to further education by bringing together community experts and collaborating with teachers, parents, and students. The increase in community involvement facilitates the exposure of students to areas such as leadership, business, arts, and science. The impact of this program in the community will increase the communication between parents and schools, increase parental involvement, and achieve an overall improved educational experience.


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